Application Procedure

For prospective students living in Malaysia, a career in allied health and hospitality is a secure investment in the future. Skilled graduate professionals are sought after and in demand the world over. This is more so when the graduates are from a reputable institution offering allied health and hospitality education.

To start your career in allied health or hospitality, you can apply for our education programs by following the application procedures listed:



  1. All submitted applications must be accompanied by the SPM/Matriculation/STPM results and a copy of the National Identity card (IC)
  2. Processing application. Acceptance of application is based on academic qualifications that have been certified.
  3. Applicants will be required to pay the Registration Fees
  4. Students accepted to the college will receive a Full Offer Letter. Students would have to follow the instructions given in the offer letter.
  5. On Campus Registration. Students will be required to register at college on the Registration Day.