1.   What is the requirement for Diploma course?

            Please refer to Diploma information.


      2.   What are the courses currently offered?

            Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health, Diploma in Environmental Health, Diploma in Hotel
            Management & Diploma in Business Management.


      3.   Does College offer courses for International Student?

            Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health, Diploma in Environmental Health.


      4.   What are the procedures for International student to enroll into college course?

            Please refer to the Admission Sub Menu under Application Procedure.


      5.   When to start register?

            Registration process starts the moment you have the SPM results. The required documents are Identification Card    
            (I.C) and SPM results. For International students, they have to submit their passport copy, academic qualification
            equivalent to
 O-level for assessment of eligibility.


      6.    When are the intakes?

            January, May and October.


      7.    Am I guaranteed work after completing my Diploma?

            The college will not guarantee that, the graduate must apply in the sector they are interested which is private or      
            government, the college will assist your career by bringing in recruitment agents into our college every year.


      8.    What is the starting pay after my Diploma?

             It will be around Rm2000 to Rm2200.


      9.    What is the difference between Government sector and Private sector?

             There are not much differences, they have their own set of rules, benefits and culture. Career advancement in
sectors is the same.


      10.   Can a male become a nurse?

             Yes, a male student can also become a nurse and in fact there is a great demand for male nurses.


      11.   How about my accommodation?

              Provided by the college, strategically located, convenient and safe. International students will lived in a service
              apartment nearby college as low as RM 250/month.


      12.   Is my loan (PTPTN) guaranteed?

             Yes, provided the student must meet the requirements to enroll into the desired course.


      13.   Do I get allowance?

             Yes, local student will receive allowance which is included in their PTPTN loan (please refer to the scholarship guide).


      14.  Is there any financial aids to fund my study?

             Yes, for local student; FELDA, PTPTN , Bank, Wang Zakat, Yayasan EMKAY, Yayasan Sabah,  KWSP. At this moment
             we do not have any financial aids for International student.


      15.  Is the courses recognized and accredited?

            Yes, our courses are accredited by MQA and recognized by KPT, JPA and KKM.